Svetlana Belkin

Rethinking the Ubuntu Community in Terms of LaunchPad

LaunchPad (LP) is the Ubuntu Community’s project management system and I think it could be better.  It’s awkward to use because there are many features that are missing.  Many basic features that many sites have.  I’m talking about notifications and even UX.


Currently LP has bug and blueprint e-mail and that can very, very spammy fast and I do mean fast.  Instead I would like to settings for how much, how often one gets bug/blueprint e-mail, and if they want to see it on LP.  In terms of how much is what type of  change it is. How often should have the basic choices of daily, every n hours, and every time there is a change.   It would be nice, like every other site, to have a notification system right on LP so one can quickly go to that bug or blueprint or just to read what the change was.

Also, I think it would be nice if there was a way to target a certain person when one comments on a bug and that goes to that person only.


My main comment is that UX needs to be modern, because it looks outdated.

On a side note this video is a good one to watch because it’s related to how LaunchPad can be better:

18 December 2014 17:25:43