Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph

My Vivid Vervet has crazy hair

Keeping with my Ubuntu toy tradition, I placed an order for a vervet stuffed toy, available in the US via: Miguel the Vervet Monkey.

He arrived today!

He’ll be coming along to his first Ubuntu event on December 10th, a San Francisco Ubuntu Hour.

22 November 2014 02:57:27


Svetlana Belkin

Community Appreciation Day 2014

In the light of Community Appreciation Day, I would like to thank everyone in the Ubuntu Community for doing a great job contributing to Ubuntu- from promoting it to fixing bugs or from leading events to teaching others.  There are two people and one group that I would like to really, really thank.

The first one is Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph of Ubuntu Women.  She was the first one who interacted with me when I first started last year.  From that point on, she mentored (not formally, but in a organic way) me on how to do thing within the Community, like how to reply in mail-lists in a way where it’s readable.  She also supported me with the various ideas that I came up with.

Ubuntu Ohio Team’s very fine leader, Stephen Michael Kellat, is the next one.  He mentored me on how to deal with the state of our LoCo and how to think in a different way on certain topics.

The group of people who I want to thank is Phil Whiteside and the Lubuntu Community (mainly the folks of the Lubuntu Admins team).

P.S. I would like to thank Michael Hall for his blog post.

20 November 2014 21:46:06


Miriam Ruiz

Awesome Bullying Lesson

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stamp on it and really mess it up but do not rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty is was. She then told them to tell it they’re sorry. Now even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they’re sorry but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home.

( Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/awesome-bullying-lesson-from-a-new-york-teacher )

19 November 2014 21:36:41


Svetlana Belkin

Adventures With Conky

For some reason, I wanted a desktop wallpaper with a calender but I quickly figured out that is a wallpaper, I need to change it every month.  I’m also on Linux, so I don’t have Rainmeter, but instead I have Conky:

Screenshot from 2014-11-17 15:32:21

I used the Seamod widget from Conky Manger and the calender is a part of my conkyrc file HERE.  Wallpaper is HERE.

Please note that there is some issues with the calender displaying correctly, it’s a Ubuntu issue.  I still have a bit to tweak, mainly with making the calendar a bit wider.

17 November 2014 21:20:20