Valorie Zimmerman

Akademy! and fundraising


Akademy is approaching! And I can hardly wait. This spring has been personally difficult, and meeting with friends and colleagues is the perfect way to end the summer. This year will be special because it's in Berlin, and because it is part of Qt.con, with a lot of our freedom-loving friends, such as Qt, VideoLAN, Free Software Foundation Europe and KDAB. As usual, Kubuntu will also be having our annual meetup there.

Events are expensive! KDE needs money to support Akademy the event, support for those who need travel and lodging subsidy, support for other events such as our Randa Meetings, which just successfully ended. We're still raising money to support the sprints:


Of course that money supports Akademy too, which is our largest annual meeting.

Ubuntu helps here too! The Ubuntu Community fund sends many of the Kubuntu team, and often funds a shared meal as well. Please support the Ubuntu Community Fund too if you can!

I'm going!

I can't seem to make the image a link, so go to https://qtcon.org/ for more information.

24 June 2016 16:07:14


Svetlana Belkin

What Programs Do I Use: Firefox

We all browse the web and we all use different browsers.  But the main two are used is Chrome and Firefox.  I use Firefox because I like to support FOSS and to be away from Google as far away as possible.

Like Chrome, Firefox has add-ons to make it more custom and usable.  I use a few:

  • Adblock Plus- Who likes ads?
  • Ubuntu Modifications- built-in when you install Ubuntu
  • Xmarks- to keep my bookmarks safe and synced, dunno if I will switch to Firefox sync
  • YouTube Video and Audio Downloader- When I need something to watch when I don’t have internet

That’s pretty much Firefox for me, just a (basic) program to surf the web.  I really don’t know why I blogged about it.

19 June 2016 15:26:04