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Contributing to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Super star Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter contributor Paul White recently was reflecting upon his work with the newsletter and noted that he was approaching 100 issues that he’s contributed to. Wow!

That caused me to look at how long I’ve been involved. Back in 2011 the newsletter when on a 6 month hiatus when the former editor had to step down due to obligations elsewhere. After much pleading for the return of the newsletter, I spent a few weeks working with Nathan Handler to improve the scripts used in the release process and doing an analysis of the value of each section of the newsletter in relation to how much work it took to produce each week. The result was a slightly leaner, but hopefully just as valuable newsletter, which now took about 30 minutes for an experienced editor to release rather than 2+ hours. This change was transformational for the team, allowing me to be involved for a whopping 205 consecutive issues.

If you’re not familiar with the newsletter, every week we work to collect news from around our community and the Internet to bring together a snapshot of that week in Ubuntu. It helps people stay up to date with the latest in the world of Ubuntu and the Newsletter archive offers a fascinating glimpse back through history.

But we always need help putting the newsletter together. We especially need people who can take some time out of their weekend to help us write article summaries.

Summary writers. Summary writers receive an email every Friday evening (or early Saturday) US time with a link to the collaborative news links document for the past week which lists all the articles that need 2-3 sentence summaries. These people are vitally important to the newsletter. The time commitment is limited and it is easy to get started with from the first weekend you volunteer. No need to be shy about your writing skills, we have style guidelines to help you on your way and all summaries are reviewed before publishing so it’s easy to improve as you go on.

Interested? Email editor.ubuntu.news@ubuntu.com and we’ll get you added to the list of folks who are emailed each week.

I love working on the newsletter. As I’ve had to reduce my commitment to some volunteer projects I’m working on, I’ve held on to the newsletter because of how valuable and enjoyable I find it. We’re a friendly team and I hope you can join us!

Still just interested in reading? You have several options:

And everyone is welcome to drop by #ubuntu-news on Freenode to chat with us or share links to news we may found valuable for the newsletter.

30 June 2015 02:29:10


Svetlana Belkin

Membership Board Member Interviews: El Achèche ANIS

Pardon for the format of this post.

The Ubuntu Membership Board is responsible for approving new Ubuntu members.   I interviewed our board members in order for the Community to get to know them better and get over the fear of applying to Membership.

The third interviewee is El Achèche ANIS:

What do you do for a career?

Right now I’m working as an IT guy (SysAdmin, DBA, NetAdmin, some DevOps, etc..) a job that I, somehow, got because of the Ubuntu community :)

What was your first computing experience?

I don’t really remmeber what was, the only thing that I remember is a when my cousin give me more than 100 CDs full of programs to intall and try, that was  before I got a ADSL line.. I was so happy, speding the whole weekend trying every single software on those CDs..

How long have you been involved with Ubuntu?

I joined the LoCo Team since September 2009.. After some months I joined the team in an event for 1st time ever, meeting nizarus, the Spiritual father of my LoCo Team..  Since then I was trying to be more and more involved in the team.. Till I joined the Ubuntu-tn board team.. And then a whole new adventure starts 😀

Since you are all fairly new to the Board, why did you join?

My main goal is to motivate myself, being part of a LoCo which was #1 prioritie after my Family and seing myelf almost alone in my LoCo and seing it having less activities is really a demotivating thing.. And I can tell you that I’m not disappointed at all :) 😀

 The second goal was to be more involved with the international Community, and as a Board memeber, reviewing the condidates Wikis and LP accounts activites, is a good opportunity to see what people all arround the world are doing to help the community, and have a new inspiration source to try to kick-off again my LoCo..

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on in Ubuntu over the years?

Most of my contributions was arround my LoCo.. Supporting users, try to keep our Wiki updated (that was a real strugle x( ), Helping translating some Ubuntu strings and of course planning many events in the Tunisian Universities.

What is your focus in Ubuntu today?

I believe that the main focus of everybody should be the Community it self, during the last years I saw many people joined the community then left to join others, the bright side here that they joined other FOSS communities, which is a great thing because after all we are a FOSS community too.. But the dark side that we are not able (maybe am the only one who feels like that, I don’t know) to make new Ubuntu users involved in the communty.

Do you contribute to other free/open source projects? Which ones?

Right now the main FOSS project that I’m contributing to is Ubuntu & the community, but I try to help anyone who’s looking for technical support on IRC or Social Networks.

If you were to give a newcomer some advice about getting involved with Ubuntu, what would it be?

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.. So have fun and meet new people and learn about new cultures :)

Do you have any other comments else you wish to share with the community?

You’re contributing to Ubuntu for many years now? People arround you thinks that you should’ve be a Ubuntu Member since many years? So what are you waiting for, go ahead an apply

25 June 2015 15:21:25